Nikki Wilks

Maid of Honor

Nikki and I met at Maryville College. We became best friends and family over the years as we worked as Resident Assistants together. Nikki is now a High School English teacher in Memphis, TN. Nikki and I met the same day as Levon and I, so it only fitting the she stand beside us both on our wedding day. Nikki has been my best friend through the good, the difficult, and all our crazy adventures at MC and beyond. I am so happy to have her with me as I start this new journey.

Rachael Guarnieri


Rachael and I met at UTK in our masters program in Public Policy and Administration. We took most of our classes together and did all our group projects together--including an intense cost benefit analysis on immigrant student tuition policies. Rachael is now an account manager for ASCENT Management (an association/ non-profit consulting firm) in D.C. At our graduation ceremony, we danced awkwardly down the aisle together so I am so glad to share another big day in my life with you.

Zene Vines

Junior Bridesmaid

Zene is Levon's sister who lives near Los Angeles, California. Zene and I first met at Levon’s senior homecoming game at Maryville College. Since then we’ve made some great memories together. We spent last Christmas together and went to a Lakers game at the Staples Center. Zene is a girl scout and a nationally-awarded cheerleader. I am so thrilled that on the day I marry Levon, I will be gaining her as a sister.


Honest Mrema

Best Man

Honest is currently pursing his doctoral degree in Areospace Engineering. We met at the University of Tennessee in Engineering Physics. With our common work ethics and ambitions, we immediately became study partners and friends. Honest has had a huge part in my academic career and personal life. I am proud that he will stand beside me the day I marry Joy.

Terence Randall


Terence is pursing his doctorates in Electrical Engineering. We met at the University of Tennessee and became aquainted while taking Operational Amplifiers with Dr. Blalock as lab partners. While we were not soldering or writing technical reports we enjoyed playing video games. Together we've conquered the Borderlands, aquired talismans, dominated clan wars and completely owned Nuketown. I am very fortunate to have him be with me the day I begin a new life journey.

Logan Brassfield

Junior Groomsman

Logan is my son and I am overjoyed that he will be participating in one of the happiest days of my life.

Supporting Members

Emberlyn McCulley

Flower Girl

Zoë Brassfield

Flower Girl